All events at the Gopher Science Olympiad Invitational will be carefully written, edited and run by Science Olympiad alumni or Minnesota Science Olympiad Alumni volunteers. Coaches will not be required to write or proctor events, allowing them more freedom to manage their own teams.

We will be running 22 Division B national events, with the exclusion of Bottle Rocket, due to weather constraints. Instead, we will be running Science Bowl to replace Bottle Rocket. All events that have different qualifications based on the tournament (e.g. regionals, state, nationals) will be run according to state standards.

Event signups will be open for teams to use December 1, 2016.

The following events will be run at the Gopher Science Olympiad Invitational:


Anatomy & Physiology
Crime Busters
Disease Detectives
Dynamic Planet
Experimental Design
Fast Facts
Food Science
Invasive Species
Microbe Mission
Mission Possible
Reach for the Stars
Road Scholar
Rocks and Minerals
Wind Power
Wright Stuff
Write It Do It
Science Bowl

Science Bowl Rules