• All school teams participating in the 2019 Gopher Science Olympiad Invitational must first be a registered member of the state and national Science Olympiad program as per the rules of Science Olympiad.
  • Interested teams are asked to complete the registration form available on this website, under “Registration”, as well as mailing a check made out to “Minnesota Science Olympiad Alumni” for $60, by the registration deadline of January 5th, 2019. Any interested team that registers after the deadline will be subject to a $15 late fee. If this cost is a hardship for any team, they are asked to contact Minnesota Science Olympiad Alumni.
  • Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. We reserve the right to cap registration at 30 teams. Teams who register after the cap of 30 has been reached will be placed on a waiting list as space allows.
  • The Gopher Science Olympiad Invitational is a officially sanctioned Science Olympiad event. As such, teams are expected to align to the Division B Team Membership Rules here set by Science Olympiad.
  • All students that compete in the Gopher Science Olympiad Invitational must be eligible to compete on their respective teams per the eligibility rules here set by Science Olympiad.
  • All teams will be required to fill out a team roster and sign a ethics form, a health waiver, and a publicity waiver that will be submitted on competition day. You can download them from the following links:

Day of Competition

  • Unless otherwise stated, the Gopher Science Olympiad Inviational will follow all rules as stated in the printed national rule book and national event clarifications posted here.  We will follow all rules and clarifications published by the national Science Olympiad organization regardless of state-level rule changes or clarifications adopted by Minnesota, or any other state organization.
  • Each team must be accompanied to the Gopher Science Olympiad Invitational by at least one adult chaperone.  (In other words, schools which send two teams to the Gopher Science Olympiad Invitational must be accompanied by at least two adults on competition day.)
  • Teams must abide by the Science Olympiad code of ethics and general rules specified here, particularly:
    • Unless otherwise stated, if writing utensils, notes, resources, calculators, actions, etc., are not excluded, they are permitted unless they violate the spirit of the problem.
    • If a student does not follow accepted safety procedures, he/she will be penalized or disqualified.
    • One or more of the 15 current team members must have constructed all pre-built devices presented for judging. Any of the current team members may demonstrate or operate the device at the competition unless stated otherwise in the rules. Any student designated by the coach may impound devices.
    • A team may not arbitrate an event after they have removed their device from the impound area.
  • All built devices must conform to the general rules here as set by Science Olympiad.
  • Contestants are responsible for providing their own protective eyeware for the proper events. Teams without the proper eye protection as set by the rules in their specific events will not be allowed to compete. This is non-negotiable. For better understanding of Science Olympiad’s rules on protective eyeware, see the guidelines put forth here by Science Olympiad.
  • There will be a table on the ground floor of Coffman Union for coaches to check-in upon their arrival. A Minnesota Science Olympiad Alumni representative will greet all teams and show them to their homeroom area.  We will not hold a coaches meeting and coaches can ask any questions at check-in.


  • Students, coaches, and other interested people are welcome to watch certain events, including many of the building events. We ask that you do respect the space of the event coordinators and the competitors while doing so.
  • In accordance with the National Science Olympiad policy on media and images, students, coaches, team representatives, and spectators will only be allowed to take pictures of people and devices associated with their school.  No imagery (still or video) of other students and/or other schools’ devices will be allowed to be taken during the tournament, in accordance of Science Olympiad policy (policy created in May 2010).
  • Pictures of medal winners will be taken by an area amateur photographer and will be available on this website. Teams are asked to not send people up to the stage to take pictures during the awards ceremony in an effort to keep on time.

Awards and Scoring

  • Medals will be awarded to the top three finishers in each event.
  • Team trophies will be awarded to the top three schools, so even if a school has multiple teams in the top three finishing teams, only the highest placing team will be awarded a trophy.
  • The Gopher Science Olympiad Invitational will be scored as per the rules here set by Science Olympiad.
  • The National Tournament method of scoring (1 point for 1st, 2 points for 2nd, etc. where lowest score wins) will be used to calculate scores. We will also be dropping the worst event score for each team.